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Each organization has its own procedures and functions. We focus on optimal Service Delivery, both internally and externally, for employees (ESM) and customers (CSM).

We support you with the methods, tools and platforms that fit your organization:

Full management information at your fingertips on all of your services

In the Service Delivery Chain, multiple parties play an essential role. Therefore it is highly important for all these parties to work together and have access to the tools that facilitate this cooperation.

SEQUAL Services advices and supports organization in keeping control and delivering excellent service.

With our approach towards Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and Customer Service Management (CSM) you will be able to offer your services better, more efficient and more cost effective.

Adapt and improve: because your Service Delivery can always be better!

Customer Service Management

All-in favour for your customer satisfaction. You will be able to flawless Service Delivery on time and within contract boundaries. Customer Service Management (CSM) provides your customers a solution that delivers an effortless self-service experience.

Connecting people, workflow, processes and information to engage across departments in case management and resolution. Efficiency and quality is improved with automation and integration that provides agents accurate information, quick root-cause analysis, to solve cases.

Self-service for customers leads to full transparency and ultimately to better understanding, appreciation and trust. The result is customer care that is effortless, connected and proactive.

Our competences

SEQUAL consultants are the key to success. By deploying the right people, we are capable to swiftly penetrate to the core. No books of advice, but a pragmatic solution for your current challenges. On a basis of trust and integrity we work together on fundamental solutions that add value to the organisation.

To govern your services you will need to be on top of transparent, high quality and efficient service chains with corresponding contracts against the right investment. SEQUAL Services is your partner to get and stay in charge.

Our focus

Our focus is on the areas of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and Customer Service Management (CSM).

The focus is on platform optimisation with which 4me and ServiceNow are leading.

In addition SEQUAL Services has experience with TopDesk, BMC, Splunk and Microfocus amongst others.

With these disciplines come the following fields of knowledge: ITIL, BiSL, ASL, Cobit, Lean Six Sigma, Scrum/Agile, DevOps and more.

Agile Service Management

Agile Service Management is an agile version of IT Service Management (ITSM), focusing on having all ITSM processes reflect the agile values and are designed with ‘just enough’ control and structure.
It is done in two ways:

  • Agile process design is about designing new processes in an agile way, by starting small with a minimal viable process and asking for feedback in order to determine to what degree the process is adding value. Based on that feedback, the process is improved in iterations and more control and structure is added until feedback indicates that it’s ‘just enough’ and the process is delivering its maximum value.

  • Agile process improvement is about continuously improving processes to make sure that they keep adding maximum value and keep having ‘just enough’ structure and control. By regularly auditing and reviewing processes, feedback is gathered for determining whether changes are necessary in order to increase the value of the process.

Agile Service Management claims to align with other frameworks such as Kanban, Lean, Scrum, ITSM, DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.


ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) is making the world of work, work better for people. Our cloud-based platform and solutions deliver digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise.

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The SEQUAL Services IT professionals always look at least one step ahead. That feels safe.

SEQUAL Services professionals deliver the right tailor-made solutions.


4me is the ultimate pragmatic solution for Service Integration And Management.

4me can be implemented in a matter of weeks and matches our goal to align all involved parties – not just our customers, but also their providers.

You will be in control of flawless service delivery to your organization and its customers.

4me fits perfectly into our 5-steps SIAM approach: Assessment, Advice, Implementation, Support and Continuous Service Improvement.

“The 4me Partner Network continues to expand. Today (29th of April 2020), it is with great pride that 4me announces its partnership with SEQUAL Services.”


The software platform Splunk collects and indexes data that is generated by machines, regardless of format or source. Users can monitor the results real time, look up data, analyse and report.

Machinedata is found everywhere. Multiple technologies generate data, within organizations, but also at home. Not just by applications, servers, websites, but also smartphones, thermostats and other smart devices. The amount of data grows exponentially, is complex, but very useful. Alltogether it is an enormous source of information on activities and behaviour.

According to Splunk, machinedata is the most underutilized and undervalued datasource in each organization. Machinedata is complex by nature, unstructured and visualisation of results is not possible. Then how to use this machinedata with activities and behaviour for businessgoals? Use Splunk.

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